A commitment to something bigger

On Wednesday, the day I hear about the letter drop, a part of myself comes alive in recognition. I had been waiting to offer my time at Wheaton College as a gift. On Friday, I show up in downtown Wheaton ready to help pass out the letter.

We pass out the letter after chapel. Wheaton students are invariably polite, most taking the letter with a quick Thank you. We hear stray comments like, This is actually something interesting. We want them to know we exist. We long for LGBTQ students to experience the truth, that they are not damaged. I yearn for them to hear what no one at Wheaton College told me–that some Christians do not believe homosexuality is a sin.

The day of the letter drop, I fall hopelessly in love. I am smitten with fellow alumni who are extending themselves for students. The vision of OneWheaton leaves me breathless, a vision of gathering to share our stories and letting students know we are here. When trying to describe that day, I can only compare it to the day I fell in love with my (now) wife and my vocational calling to be a Clinical Phsychologist.

Like both of those things, it is the beginning of a commitment to something important, something bigger than myself.


– Lora, BA in ’97 and PsyD in ’07


Next up: A current student on 1W’s ‘coming out’



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  2. Alumn from 01

    What a great story Lora! Thank you for being there. What you’re doing is so important.

  3. Elizabeth Phelps

    I’ve been eagerly following this movement on Facebook and Twitter since the letter drop – I cry every time I read something here, just so profoundly moved by your courage and love. Sending much love. (class of ’95)

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