Dont ask and I wont tell you

Spoken word poem by Jess ’08. First performed during OneWheaton homecoming in October 2011


  1. Alex

    I’ve thought about this often since One Wheaton. Thank you so much.

  2. claire

    thanks for giving a voice to the voiceless.

    • Ruth

      Jess, the first time I heard this I was sitting next to you on a stage and was suffering from “dear-in-the-headlight” sydrome. So, this is really the first time I have heard it. Fabulous! I played it on my phone while I was driving 4 times in a row I love it so much. Like the video part, too:-)

  3. Autumn

    Jess, you rock. I love this.

  4. Yesi

    Jess: “Que Brava!” and here I mean – how bold and strong!! Keep going!

  5. Sarah Tupper


  6. Glenn

    That is great. I hope many people see this. This is what happens when individuals insist that their truth is the only truth and lack grace and love – they break good, beautiful people.

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