Resources: LGBTQ and Christian?

These resources are designed to address LGBTQ issues as they intersect with Christianity. If you are interested in faith/spirituality resources outside of the Christian Church, click hereLooking for more general resources? Click here. If you have questions about any of these resources or would like to add a resource, please contact 


LGBTQ affirming Churches in the Wheaton Area:

 St. Mark’s Episcopal Church in Glen Ellyn

St. Paul’s Lutheran Church in Wheaton

First Congregational Church of Glen Ellyn in Glen Ellyn



Just Because He Breathes A blog of a Christian couple, Bob and Linda Robertson, whose efforts to help their teenage gay son “turn straight” eventually led him to leave home and turn to drugs.

Rachel Held Evans An well-known Evangelical blogger who has become affirming of LGBTQ relationships over time.

Registered Runaway On being Christian and Gay and connecting with others who have been harmed by Conservative Christianity.

Crumbs from the Communion Table Reflections from Justin Lee, one of the founders of the Gay Christian Network and author of the memoir Torn.

Odd Man Out A blog about being Christian and Gay

Two Spirits About my struggles to reconciling my faith and my sexual orientation

Coming Out Christian and Gay Conversations about being Christian and Gay in America

Trans Girl at the Cross A Transgender woman blogs from a Christian perspective

[Un] Closeted Pastor A Lesbian Pastor shares her journey

My Heart Goes Out… A Lesbian Christian leaves her husband and comes out

Paradoxy A Gay man comes out while holding onto his Christian faith

FSG: Faith, Sexuality and Gender The blog of a bisexual, transgender, and Christian

The Heretical Way A man writes about being Gay and Christian

A Time to Embrace A lesbian, Presbyterian minster reflects on marriage and the role of LGBTQ Christians in the church.

Love is an Orientation The Blog for Andrew Marin, the founder of the Marin Foundation, designed to build bridges between the LGBTQ community and conservative Christian communities.

A Christian Voice for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Rights A straight priest in the Congregational Catholic Church writes about why it is important for Christians to support LGBTQ rights.

God Made Me Gay A older pastor rethinks his opinions when a lesbian friends comes out to him.



Gay Christian Network Conference January 2012 Links on blogpost to an audio recording of panel discussion between Alan Chambers, the President of Exodus International and  Justin Lee, supporter of same-sex marriage and Founder and President of the Gay Christian Network and author of the new book Torn: Rescuing the Gospel from the Gays-vs-Christians Debate.

The Bible and Homosexuality Matthew Vines dropped out of Harvard to study scripture and homosexuality. In this video, he articulates a pro-gay biblical argument.

Born Again A documentary of a Lesbian Wheaton graduate.

Fish out of Water A feature documentary that uses animation and academic interviews to address the 7 scriptural passages used to condemn homosexuality and to justify marriage discrimination.

For the Bible Tells Me So Through the experiences of five Christian families — including those of former House Majority Leader Richard Gephardt and Episcopal Bishop Gene Robinson — the story is told of how these parents handle the experience of having a gay child.

This is What Love in Action Looks Like A documentary of what happened when a teen spurs a protest of the Ex-Gay Ministry Love in Action by posting a video on youtube. This is also on Netflix.

Seventh-Gay Adventists A documentary of three LGBTQ Seventh Day Adventists.


Online Communities/ Resources Compilations:

Gay Christian Network (GCN) An online community for LGBTQ Christians. Multimedia resources as well as discussion forums for LGBTQ Christians to dialogue about whether gay and lesbian Christians are called to celibacy or to monogamous same-sex relationships. Justin Lee, one of the founders of the GCN published a book that is reviewed in the October 2012 issue of Christianity Today.

Voiceless Creating dialogue between Christians, the LGBTQ community, and all of us who find ourselves standing awkwardly in between.

New Direction A space for LGBTQ Christians with theological differences on the issue of Homosexuality to nurture and support each other. They also have a blog.

LesBePure An online community for Lesbian Christians.

Transgender Christians An online community for Christians who are Trans and Intersex

Sister Friends Together  The site for all things Christian and Lesbian

Bridges Across the Divide -An online forum for respectful disagreement among Christians about sexuality identity

Canon Walker: Repairing the Breach between the Church and the LGBT community

Whosoever  An Online Magazine For Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Christians

The Epistle A Web Magazine of Encouragement and Inspiration for Christian LGBTQ people Large Database of LGBTQ-friendly churches along with material on the Bible and LGBT issues.

Gay Christian 101Christian Gays, and Grace Inclusive all focus on presenting an LGBTQ-affirming interpretation of scripture based on a conservative view of Biblical interpretation.

Hope Remains – The truth about Homosexuality and the Bible.

Rainbow Christians – An online community with personals designed to help LGBTQ Christians find each other.


Articles/ Essays:

Biblical Sexuality and Gender: Renewing Christian Witness to the Gospel. An examination of the scriptural texts that appear to condemn homosexuality. By The Rev. Jay Emerson Johnson, Episcopal Priest and OneWheaton member

Anything Other than Straight Blogger Dan Pearce has the courage to come out on his blog with a predominantly Christian audience

A Mountain I’m Willing to Die On A mother writes about LGBTQ bullying

Why Should any of us Choose to be Part of  a Group that Condemns Us? By A’isha Leslie Marbach

Why I am a Straight Christian Fighting for Gay Rights By Emily Timbol

I’m Christian Unless You’re Gay By Dan Pearce

We are All Sodomites By The Rev. Jay Emerson Johnson, Episcopal Priest and OneWheaton member

This is Not a Blog Post about Homosexuality By Brian McClaren

Transgender and Christian: Finding Identity By Jori Lewis

Ask a Transgender Christian By Rachel Held Evans

Accepting what Cannot be Changed By Dr. David Myers

Homophobia and Hermeneutics: Romans 1 By Dr. Thomas D. Hanks

“But the bible says…’? A Catholic Reading of Romans 1 By James Alison

The Bible is an Empty Closet By Dr. Ralph Blair

Doing a New Thing By Jack M. Tuell

Recognizing God’s Blessings By Daphne Burt

For God so Loved the World By Michael Ingham

A Conservative Case for Recognizing Gay Relationships in the Church By R. Stephen Warner

Like the Wideness of the Sea By Lewis Smedes


LGBT Groups in Christian Denominations/Traditions

Chicago Consultation: Affirming Episcopalians/Anglicans in the Chicago Area

Integrity Episcopalian

Affirmation United Methodist

More Light Presbyterians Presbyterian

Dignity Roman Catholic

Association for Welcoming and Affirming Baptists Baptist

Rainbow Baptists Baptist

Fellowship of Reconciling Pentecostals Pentecostals

Lutherans Concerned Lutherans

Gay Mennonite League Mennonite

United Church of Christ UCC

Axios Eastern Orthodox

Conference for Catholic Lesbians Catholic

Inclusive Orthodoxy Eastern Orthodox

Metropolitan Community Church MCC

Metropolitan Church of Christ


Affirming Seminary Programs

Andover Newton Theological School Baptist and United Church of Christ

Chicago Theological Seminary Untied Church of Christ

Christ Evangelical Bible Institute Non-denominational

Lancaster Theological Seminary United Church of Christ

Life Journey Pastoral Training  A program designed for people who are Evangelical in Theology and LGBT or an ally.

Pacific School of Religion The Center for Lesbian and Gay Studies in Religion and Ministry

United Theological Seminary United Church of Christ

Union Seminary Ecumenical

Vanderbilt Divinity School United Church of Christ

Wake Forest University Divinity school – Baptist

Yale Divinity School Ecumenical




Books: Practical/Devotional – for LGBT Christians

Bulletproof Faith: A Spiritual Survival Guide for Gay and Lesbian Christians By Candice Chellew-Hodge

Reconciling Journey: A Devotional Guide for Lesbian and Gay Christians By Michal Anne Pepper

Coming out to God: Prayers for Lesbians and Gay Men, Their Families, and Their Friends By Chris Glasser

A Book of Prayer: For Gay and Lesbian Christians By William George Storey

For Another Flock: Daily Advent and Christmas Meditations for Gay and Lesbian Christians By Jeffrey Lea

Quench! Refreshing Devotionals by Gay, Trans and Affirming Christians By Jeff Miner


Books: Practical for the Whole Church

Love is an Orientation By Andrew Marin

Ministry Among God’s Queer Folk: LGBT Pastoral Care By David Kundtz and Bernard Schlager

Discovering Images of God: Narratives of Care among Lesbians and Gays By Larry Kent Graham

The Grace of Coming Home: Spirituality, Sexuality, and the Case for Justice By Melanie Morrison

Listening to the Spirit: A Handbook for Discernment: “What Is the Gospel Message to Our Church as We Relate to Gay and Lesbian Christians?” By William O. Paulsell

To the Tune of  a Welcoming God: Lyrical Reflections on Sexuality, Spirituality, and the Wideness of God’s Mercy By David R. Weiss

Spiritual Direction and the Gay Person By James Empereur


Books: Memoir

Prayers for Bobby: A Mother’s Coming to Terms with the Suicide of her Gay Son By Leroy Aarons

Torn: Rescuing the Gospel from the Gays-vs-Christians Debate   By Justin Lee

Gay Conversations with God: Straight Talk on Gays, Fanatics, and the God that Loves us all.  By James Alexander Langteaux

Ex’d Out: How I Fired the Shame Committee By John Snid

A Christian Lesbian Journey: A Continuation of a Long Road to Love By Darlene Bogle

 Stranger at the Gate By Mel White

Thou Shalt Not Love: What Evangelicals Really Say to Gays By Patrick M. Chapman

I am the One Walking Beside Men: Meditations of a Gay HIV-Positive Man By Daniel Gebhardt

Uncommon Calling: A Gay Christian’s Struggle to Serve the Church By Chris Glasser

Calling the Rainbow Nation Home: A Story of Acceptance Affirmation By E. Sundby


Books: Theological – Apologetics:

Bible, Gender, and Sexuality By James V. Brownson (Note: This 2013 book is one of the first, if not the first, book published by a Christian publishing house arguing against a traditional interpretation of Romans 1)

Jesus, the Bible and Homosexuality By Jack Rogers

God and the Gay Christian: The Biblical Case in Support of Gay Marriage By Matthew Vines

God Believes in Love: Straight Talk About Gay Marriage By Gene Robinson

Permanent, Faithful, Stable by Jeffrey John

Homosexuality and Christian Faith: Questions of Conscience for the Churches By Walter Wink

Homosexuality and the Bible: Two Views By Robert Gagnon

The Church and the Homosexual  By John J. McNeil

What the Bible Really Says about Homosexuality By David Helminiak

The New Testament and Homosexuality By Robin Scroggs

Is the Homosexual My Neighbor? By Letha Dawson Scanzoni and Virginia Ramsey Mollenkott

The Moral Teachings of Paul: Selective Issues By Victor Paul Furnish


Books: Queer Christian Theology

Divine Communion: A Eucharistic Theology of Sexual Intimacy By The Rev. Jay Emerson Johnson, Episcopal Priest and OneWheaton member

Peculiar Faith: Queer Theology for Christian Witness By The Rev. Jay Emerson Johnson, Episcopal Priest and OneWheaton member

Sexuality and the Christian Body: Their Way into the Triune God  By Eugene Rogers

Body, Sex, and Pleasure: Reconstructing Christian Sexual Ethics By Christine Gudorf

Radical Love: An Introduction to Queer Theology By Patrick S. Cheng

Gifted By Otherness: Gay and Lesbian Christians in the Church By L. William Countryman

Faith Beyond Resentment: Fragments Catholic and Gay By James Alison

The Man Jesus Loved By Theodore W. Jennings, Jr.

Sexuality and the Sacred: Sources for Theological Reflection By James B. Nelson

Gay Theology without Apology By Gary David Comstock

Just Love: A Framework for Christian Ethics By Margaret Farley


Books: Socio-cultural Perspectives

The Christian Case for Gay Marriage By David G. Myers and Letha Dawson Scanzoni

Christianity, Social Tolerance, and Homosexuality By John Boswell

Virtually Normal By Andrew Sullivan


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