The Peace Seeker

I wrote the Peace Seeker because I had to write. Driven, inspired, compelled, and called there was no way I could stop writing. Christians who have heard their call from God will understand that feeling, if we are called we must journey on, and nothing could stop us. In my case nothing could have stopped me either except, maybe, a case of terror. To be the first to write a memoir about growing up gay in a Baptist Evangelical Christian home, to put my life in print with all its warts and triumphs was nothing more than terrifying….. BUT GOD, with Him nothing is impossible.

I wrote for the thousands of silent among us who live in secrecy and fear knowing the rejection they will face from their families of faith if their gayness was revealed. I wrote for the millions of gays who know they are not wanted by their church and have sworn never to set foot beneath a steeple again. I wrote for the Christian church as a whole begging for them to see the hurt they have caused and pleading that they re-examine the scriptures once more.
This book is my story, but it is all of our stories. You will find yourself somewhere amidst the pages, you will laugh, you will gasp and hopefully you will find peace. I am the peace seeker who wishes you peace.

Susan E. Gilmore
The Peace Seeker – One Woman’s Battle in the Church’s War on Homosexuality

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