Until there is One Wheaton

Until there is One Wheaton 

OneWheaton would like thank Rachel Zoll for her June 30th, 2013 article in the Washington Post entitled Gay evangelicals press fellow believers to rethink homosexuality, stop stereotyping gays“. Ms. Zoll highlighted the changes that are happening at Evangelical colleges across the country. We were happy to see OneGeorgeFox and Fuller’s OneTable featured for their hard work in fighting the difficult environments that unaffirming campuses create.

With the rapid and exciting changes that are happening on Evangelical campuses nationwide, OneWheaton would like to clarify how we fit into the mix.

OneWheaton was founded on April 29, 2011 and is an open, inclusive, and safe community for LGBTQ and Allied alumni and students of Wheaton College (IL). We support students and alumni with compassion, counsel, and resources so that they can live full, vibrant lives. We affirm LGBTQ individuals and the relationships that are the natural expression of their identity.

Wheaton College has multiple student-created “Community Groups.” Recently some students formed a Community Group that they named “Refuge.” As Ms. Zoll reported, Wheaton College Administrators characterize the group as a place to meet and not “struggle alone.” OneWheaton was formed to offer another approach. We believe that if a student or alumnus is GLBTQ, their sexual identity is not something to be struggled with. Rather, their desire for companionship, intimacy and love is not shameful. It is to be affirmed and celebrated just as they are to be affirmed and celebrated.

In its two years of existence, OneWheaton has amassed nearly 1000 alumni supporters, has a website and blog at onewheaton.com, a monthly newsletter, a Facebook support group, held multiple regional gatherings nationwide, offers support for current students and gathers yearly on the Wheaton College Campus to celebrate OneWheaton’s Homecoming in the hope that someday, there will not be a need for separate Homecoming celebrations but instead, one Wheaton.

Please direct all press inquiries to press@OneWheaton.com

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